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I had a really aggravating Sunday. Nathan and I finally got around to putting the wall sconces up in our bedroom. Had them wired in, ready to go, all they needed were light bulbs and their globes. We got the first one on, no problem, but the second one is NOWHERE to be found. I have this sinking feeling I sent it to Goodwill. Then, I was doing laundry this weekend. I have to admit, I let it stack up. Like, two weeks worth of stack up. We have an Electrolux front-load washer and dryer, and I love them. You can cram them full of laundry, and they do great. So I crammed a queen-size mattress pad in, put in the soap, and went on my merry way. Until about fifteen minutes later when Nathan noticed there was foam coming out of the washer. If you guessed that I forgot to buy high-efficiency detergent, you would be correct. So we had a sopping wet, overly foamed mattress pad, and a foamy, leaky washer. We got that all worked out, and I took the mattress pad down to the laundromat to finish washing it, since I didn’t think it would be the best idea to stick it back in the wash. Do you have any idea how much it costs to do laundry at the laundromat? It cost me $4 to wash, and only wash, that silly mattress pad! I didn’t have enough money on me, I thought my $3 would be ample to wash and dry my mattress pad. How naive! I had to borrow a dollar from some random college girls (borrow being the key word… I paid them back and gave them the detergent that caused me all the problems in the first place). Anyhoo, it was quite a day, let me tell you.

I also got some sewing done and set up a few more of my sewing supplies in my sewing room. Clicking on the patterns will take you to their reviews.

Last thing, today I went by The Etcetera Shop (thrift store) while I was waiting for Buddy to¬†get finished at the groomers. I had to browse through their patterns (of course!). I found a couple that I brought home with me, but the funniest/meanest one by far was a Simplicity pattern from 1968. It’s a children’s pattern for a “Girls’ and Chubbies’ Jiffy Dress in Two Lengths.” Ouch! Let’s not sugar coat anything here!


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