My mom came up to visit me this weekend and we had a wonderful time! We watched the first episode of Project Runway, Julie & Julia, and did some sewing and shopping… It was great! Mom cut out Vogue jacket to get started on.I finished up some Kwik Sew leggings, that were, in a word, disastrous. That’s probably what made it just a great weekend, and not the greatest weekend ever (and that my husband wasn’t there, of course… love you!) . Seriously, they were the baggiest, most awful leggings ever. Whoever they drafted off of at Kwik Sew must have the thinnest legs and deepest crotch of any person dead or alive. Oh well… I also finished a shirt I started forever ago, and did some much needed organizing of my sewing supplies. I also realized that I’m going to have to sew like crazy to reduce my stash before we go to NYC in June. I want to go with a clear conscience, and not feel too guilty about all the new fabric I’m sure I’ll buy.

I saw this post about Schnittvision patterns over on The Selfish Seamstress’s blog recently. I felt compelled to buy some for myself, after all, they were on sale. It would have been practically a crime not to buy them. I’m (still) having the worst time in the world getting them ordered! I placed my order, and then e-mailed them to make sure I sent the payment correctly. No response. I finally gave in and winged it over on Paypal. It appears to have gone well there, they say my payments confirmed. However, Schnittvision still hasn’t updated my order status, nor did they return my second e-mail. I finally just tried using the contact e-mail provided on their website, and still no response! I guess I could just tell Paypal to cancel my payment, but darn it, I want those patterns! If anyone actually reads this and has any insight to offer, I’m all ears.

I also finally finished my entry for the activewear contest, and got my reviews for Kwik Sew 3660 and 3445 posted over at Pattern Review. Take a look!

Click to visit my contest entry!

As soon as I figure out how to enter my items, the picture will link to the contest items. I think I’ll also write tips on threading for the three-thread super stretch stitch and threading wooly nylon if it hasn’t already been done.

I’m doing decently well keeping up my resolutions so far. I only had one day since the start of the year where I haven’t worked on something sewing related at least once a day. On the making dinner and eating it at the table, well, that’s not going quite as well. We have made more of our meals at home, but we still eat in front of the tv… We’ll get there eventually, I guess.

Resolution #3– Pick something, anything, no matter how small, to work do on the house, and then get it done, every week.

(Another word on WordPress’s grammer check– I will not change reduce to cut because they consider reduce a “complex expression.” Good grief!)


Look what I found!

So the other day on my day off, I was trolling through the thrift stores in Hutch.  While I was in the Salvation Army, this little jewel caught my eye:

Pretty cute!

But then, I opened it up! Inside was a surprise even more exciting:

Bernina 707

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. It is a Bernina Minimatic 707! I can tell you are positively green with envy, just like the knobs on my new Bernina…

I brought the whole shebang home, and managed to scratch my car in the process. Don’t tell Nathan. I unloaded it, took out the 707, and put in my 801. Fits like a glove! It’s nice because the cabinet folds into a solid top, and the front opens up for easy access to the bobbin area. Oh, and the most exciting part was I got it all for $15. 

The door swings open on the front and you lift the front piece out

 Of course, it’s still not as nice as the cabinet I got from Mom and Dad for Christmas. 🙂 I almost managed to sew for at least 30 minutes every day this week. I didn’t get to sew at all Saturday, but I sewed extra on Wednesday, so it evened out. I got my pants finished for the activewear contest, hopefully I’ll finish my top quicker than I did my pants.  I had some fit issues with my pants, but I’ll tell you more about it when I get the top done too.

I did have one big dark blotch on my week. I fell down the stair (yes, just one stair) and broke my Kindle. I was so mad! The screen is just stuck and won’t do anything. However, my story does have a happy ending. Kindles have a 1 year manufacturers warranty that even covers being fallen on by your clumsy owner. All I had to do was call them up and tell them what happened. My new Kindle will be here on Tuesday! If you like to read, I highly recommend that you get one. But only if you have good self-control, otherwise reading is all you will do. Dinner will not get made, dishes will not get done, laundry will sit around the washer and dryer. It’s not a pretty picture.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Make dinner and sit down at the kitchen or dining room table (not the coffee table, it doesn’t count ) to eat it at least once a week.

(P.S. Did you know that wordpress has grammar check? Apparently, I will slip into writing in the “passive voice.” However, it also is telling me I misspelled “sew”, so how smart can it really be?)


I’m so excited!!! I got my Christmas present put together, cleaned up my drafting table, got things moved out of my sewing room, and started setting up things in the sewing room. I also did a little fabric shopping and found some exciting finds at the flea market this Sunday. I’m going to enter the Activewear contest on Pattern Review, and I also joined a group that’s going to sew at least 30 minutes a day. Thankfully, the group includes sewing-related things as well. I took pictures of  the start of my sewing room. Hopefully, Nathan will help me move the mattresses upstairs soon. Here are some pictures of what I’ve got done so far:

New Year’s Resolution #1: Write on my blog at least once every ten days. Sorry that last year was so sporadic!

I’ll do it myself…

I got a little sewing done on my pants this weekend, and I’m excited with what I’ve got done so far. I am a little depressed at all the time I’ve wasted with them though. For example, it took me 2 hours to put the buttonholes in because my machine kept bogging down. I was cursing the fact that I didn’t have a buttonhole foot, madly digging through my sewing stash, looking for something, anything, that might work. Then I found the buttonhole foot I didn’t know I had. After that, it took about two minutes. The next part I got (am getting?) hung up on is the fly front installation. I’ve about come to the conclusion that I was supposed to shorten my zipper to the length of the fly shield, but it doesn’t really say that anywhere. It would have been nice if it did. I’ll take out the fly, fix it, and then move on to the next step.

I cleaned out my cabinets today. Apparently, I’m subconciously worried that I might run out of things. That’s the only reason I can come up with for the 3 boxes of oatmeal, 4 boxes of saltines, 2 bags of Splenda, 5 boxes of macaroni, 4 boxes of spaghetti, and 1 2-year-old bag of flour I found today. I wish I was exaggerating about that, but I’m not.  🙂

I had asked Nathan to hang the coatrack and shelf in the kitchen for me, but he never quite got around to it. I really can’t say much, since I was perfectly capable of doing it myself and was just to lazy to. But since everyone is coming for Thanksgiving it’ s probably time we tried to make things a little more presentable.  To that end, I hung my own things in the kitchen.  Don’t they look cute? And yes, those are the hand towels I outbid you on at family reunion, Mom.

What do you think?

Just a quick picture of the fabric I got to finish out my curtains.  I have mixed feelings about it. I really think brown is the way to go, but I’m worried that this is too dark. I’m afraid if I do a lighter tan it might blend into the walls too much. What about a goldish-tan? Or would that look bad with the walls too… What do you think?


Potential Weekend Plans…

Since I had the day off, and a 15% off coupon for Sew Much burning a hole in my pocket,  I went to Wichita today and did a little shopping. Here’s what I got:

HotPatterns 1091

Hot Patterns 1091, the Wong-Singh-Jones Marakesh Pant, is a relaxed pant with drawstring. Don’t be fooled, I think the drawstring is more of an ornament than it is the actual means of keeping your pants up. I got a very lightweight, almost chambray, denim to make it out of. Hopefully it has the required drape to make this work. I got some camel colored cordoruoy to make my muslin out of. Buddy has to supervise my work to make sure I do things right.

I also got this one:

HotPatterns 1071

I got the HotPattern 1071 Weekender top pattern and a couple of different fabrics to try it out in…. I noticed when I was checking out the HotPatterns website they have new patterns! They are called Boudoir of Bliss. Don’t they look fun?  I finished up another Jalie t-shirt yesterday. Here’s a picture of a finished one. Please notice how well the stripe on the end of my sleeves matches the one running across my shirt. I would like to take credit for that, but I can’t. It was pure dumb luck.  I can take credit for the stripes matching on the side seams. I’ve gotten pretty efficient at making that particular pattern. I can turn one out in about an hour, hour and a half. Nathan told me I’d better be careful or the Chinese would steal me to work in their sweat shops.

Jalie 2805

I’m going to wrap this up because blogging is cutting into my pants time. I’ll leave you with a picture of some white chocolate apricot oatmeal cookies.
Cookies and such 005

So I finished my dress and I can’t really decide what  I think about it. I think it looks good, not really “happy hands at home” or anything. I also think it looks like something you might buy at Target or, even worse, Wal-Mart for about $12, which makes me wonder why I’m wasting my time doing this. See what you think:

Do you think the leggings and flats are too much? Do I look like I should be worrying about what to wear to the Homecoming Dance, or is it okay as far as age appropriateness? Let me know what you think…

Just to let you know, so far on my vacation I have finished this dress, read 2 (yes 2!) books, and finished a mountain of laundry. I don’t know what exactly we are doing tomorrow, but I’ll keep you posted…..