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Here are some pictures of our back deck (refinished) and patio (new). My birthday present is going to be some patio furniture, so we needed somewhere to put it. Our back deck was already there when we bought the house, but it was in pretty rough shape. It had moss and fungus growing on it and kept on getting worse. It also had built in seating and two grills on it that really decreased the amount of free space. We tore out the uncomfortable seating and moved the grills to their new homes on the patio. I’m not totally happy with the color of the deck, it looks like it was involved in a bad self-tanner accident, but it is an improvement. Maybe the color will mellow after a while.  Here are pictures to prove we’ve actually done something!


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I’m Baaack…

I had every intention of posting on the 24th. But then I was sick, and hadn’t done anything new, and didn’t feel like it.  And then I took a class on making basic pants at the Needle Nook, and I was going to make them again and post them. And then I didn’t get around to it. And then a friend asked me to make some sweats for her son so he can be a bear in the school play. And finally got that done. See?

Click on the picture to see the bottoms!

I also sorted out my patterns again, and reorganized some other things in my sewing room. I finally finished the Simplicity Cardi-wrap. I really like it, so I plan on making more in other colors for this summer. I cut out the shell that goes with it too.

Really cute cardigan!

 I also started tracing off a Burda pattern and plan to start tracing off a new Vogue pattern. See you in at least ten days!

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First BWOF pattern finished!

I finally traced, cut, and put together an entire BWOF pattern! I used it as my entry into the Pattern Review lingerie contest. You can click on the picture to go to my review.

PR Lingerie contest entry

PR Contest Entry

It turned out okay, I wish I was happier with it. The fabric is just a tiny bit too stiff, it doesn’t drape well enough. I have a top cut out to match it, I hope to get it put together this week. I feel quite a bit better today, I hope I’m finally getting over my cold. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Then again, maybe not…

So much for new and wondrous things… I don’t know if I can take a picture of the horrible headache I’ve had all day. I got it from breathing in the paint fumes from painting Nathan’s closet, so I will put up pictures of that once it’s finished. I’ve decided if I start some sort of chemical dependency, it won’t be huffing paint. It’s almost like can taste the oil-based Kilz in my mouth.

We did have a really good time on vacation (and my thermals that I made worked great!). If you go skiing, definitely go in the middle of the week. We didn’t stand in line for a ski lift once until Friday. I did have to hike down a mountain at Arapaho Basin. My ski came of while I was going across some moguls, and then the brake didn’t pop out. It went a good 2/3 of the way down the mountain, since I lost it at the top… I mean if I had to lose a ski, why couldn’t it have happened closer to the bottom? Luckily, some people on the ski lift saw it fly by and helped me find it. They said in went by so fast they thought it was an animal of some sort, until the saw me walking down the mountain.

I did finally decide on my entry for the lingerie contest on Pattern Review. Now I have 7 days to get it done… Hopefully I’ll have a picture of the top for you on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

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I’ll be out of pocket this week because we’re going on vacation! Hopefully, I’ll post on Sunday with new and wondrous things to show…

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Exciting things are happening! I got my new book Fitting and Pattern Alteration in the mail today (I ordered on Sunday!), the people at Schnittvision finally noticed I sent my payment in last week and decided to send me out my patterns, and I cut out my leggings in smaller size. They fit so much better! Hopefully I get a lot accomplished tomorrow.

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My mom came up to visit me this weekend and we had a wonderful time! We watched the first episode of Project Runway, Julie & Julia, and did some sewing and shopping… It was great! Mom cut out Vogue jacket to get started on.I finished up some Kwik Sew leggings, that were, in a word, disastrous. That’s probably what made it just a great weekend, and not the greatest weekend ever (and that my husband wasn’t there, of course… love you!) . Seriously, they were the baggiest, most awful leggings ever. Whoever they drafted off of at Kwik Sew must have the thinnest legs and deepest crotch of any person dead or alive. Oh well… I also finished a shirt I started forever ago, and did some much needed organizing of my sewing supplies. I also realized that I’m going to have to sew like crazy to reduce my stash before we go to NYC in June. I want to go with a clear conscience, and not feel too guilty about all the new fabric I’m sure I’ll buy.

I saw this post about Schnittvision patterns over on The Selfish Seamstress’s blog recently. I felt compelled to buy some for myself, after all, they were on sale. It would have been practically a crime not to buy them. I’m (still) having the worst time in the world getting them ordered! I placed my order, and then e-mailed them to make sure I sent the payment correctly. No response. I finally gave in and winged it over on Paypal. It appears to have gone well there, they say my payments confirmed. However, Schnittvision still hasn’t updated my order status, nor did they return my second e-mail. I finally just tried using the contact e-mail provided on their website, and still no response! I guess I could just tell Paypal to cancel my payment, but darn it, I want those patterns! If anyone actually reads this and has any insight to offer, I’m all ears.

I also finally finished my entry for the activewear contest, and got my reviews for Kwik Sew 3660 and 3445 posted over at Pattern Review. Take a look!

Click to visit my contest entry!

As soon as I figure out how to enter my items, the picture will link to the contest items. I think I’ll also write tips on threading for the three-thread super stretch stitch and threading wooly nylon if it hasn’t already been done.

I’m doing decently well keeping up my resolutions so far. I only had one day since the start of the year where I haven’t worked on something sewing related at least once a day. On the making dinner and eating it at the table, well, that’s not going quite as well. We have made more of our meals at home, but we still eat in front of the tv… We’ll get there eventually, I guess.

Resolution #3– Pick something, anything, no matter how small, to work do on the house, and then get it done, every week.

(Another word on WordPress’s grammer check– I will not change reduce to cut because they consider reduce a “complex expression.” Good grief!)

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